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Lucy Evangelou



Lucy Evangelou Photo

“Thank you, Thank you for this wonderful cream! My Grandaughter Lucy is 19 months old and was so miserable and scatching all day to the point where she would bleed. It took, not one or two weeks, it actually started to work straight away. After two hours of applying the cream she started to laugh and it was like she was another little girl, and slept all night without crying or scratching. Now she tells us where to apply the cream because it helps her so much.” Lucy Evangelou

Emily Kolstad

Debbie Kolstad tried a range of treatments for her five month old baby, Emily before discovering Robertson’s Skin Repair. She is so relieved to have a more comfortable baby. She is so glad she can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Judy Silkens eczema photo. BeforeJudy Silkens eczema photo. After.


Harrison Koetsier


Harrison Koetsier 'Before' using Robertson's-1


Charles & Nicole Koetsier’s son Harrison began to show signs of eczema when he was 4 months old. “At first he developed a small area on his face, the following months, the eczema started to cover his body, including his face and legs, with patches on his stomach and back. One day my father told me about your product ‘Robertson’s Skin Repair Ointment’. We tried it and thank goodness we did. Within a couple of days we noticed a change, his skin started to lose the redness and the crusty eczema started to go. Harrison was settling better, smiling at us and people were commenting on how beautiful his eyes were, which you never noticed due to his eczema on his face. We are now 10 months down the track, we use about a tub every 3-4 weeks and could not thank you enough. Your product has made a little boy so much happier. We would highly recommend your product”. Charles Koetsier.


Harrison Koetsier 'After' using Robertson's

Harrison… now, much happier!